Original Clones of Experimental Nursery of Daylilies

Presented below overview of the breeding achievements of the Experimental Nursery of Daylilies is to acquaint the Website Readers with a range of possible breeding results that can be achieved in our climatic conditions, in every garden, without the specialized equipment, such as: computer-controlled greenhouses, plastic tunnels, automatic watering, etc. In the Website author’s intention, it is supposed to be an incentive for undertaking breeding actions by a wide and expanding each year group of admirers of decorative plants in our country. The possibility to evaluate each of the presented clones (when you click on the image) is supposed to answer the question - which daylilies best match to the preferences and tastes of the Readers. It will allow making the selection of preferred breeding directions for the future. I invite you to review the Original Clones of Experimental Nursery of Daylilies.