Original Jagged Daylilies Clones of Experimental Nursery of Daylilies

The overview of the photos of jagged daylilies shown below is an illustration of an initial completion of daylilies cultivation program in this category in the Experimental Nursery of Daylilies over the period 2012-2015. From this collection 35 clones have been registered in the following registries: A few other clones still remain under observation and are being prepared for the registration in subsequent years.  The achievements of the Experimental Nursery of Daylilies in the jagged daylilies cultivation were presented in the ‘Jagged Daylilies’ publication in the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society Bulletin 2015.(http://liliowce.net/liliowce-strzepiaste/the-british-hosta-and-hemerocallis-society/